Gathering from the Land

June 2020 Virtual Exhibition for the Elisabeth C. Miller Library
A brief introduction

“We first noticed the work of natural science illustrator and botanical artist Sharon Birzer through her participation in the Miller Library’s annual exhibit of work by members of the Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists. This month, Sharon was scheduled to show her work featuring lichens of southeast Alaska’s Tebenkof Wilderness Area in the library. Until that exhibit can be rescheduled, we invite you to enjoy her finely honed observations of nature by visiting her website. Her keen sense of color, line, and composition reveals the defining characteristics of her subjects (lichen, plants, insects, birds, sea creatures) in drawings and paintings that are startlingly beautiful.”

Rebecca Alexander
Elisabeth C. Miller Library

The following 4 links will take you to an exhibition of original illustrations. The first contains images for Yungcautnguuq Nunam Qainga Tamarmi: All the Land’s Surface is Medicine. This spring I worked on Pollinator Spring, and please stop by Lichens, and Alto Lazio. Thank you!

Once in the galleries scroll to the bottom of each image for descriptions.